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Challenge - Wake the social audience of a top B2B restaurant equipment brand that was abandoned for over a year due to pandemic related staffing issues.
Solution - Devise a new, simplified social media program from the ground up centered on four specific pillars - slowly waking the abandoned audience up, drive brand awareness and consideration, better quality "video centric" content and drip content out consistently. 

Outcome - Within the first 90 days of implementation, more video views were garnered than in the previous 5 years combined. High quality content generated conversions from what is historically a top of sales funnel tactic. Tracking & retargeting offer a windfall of new-found revenue opportunities at an average 15% recovery conversion rate. Social media evolved from an expense to a profit center with great reach.

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Challenge - Position Tri-State media, a company know for industrial label manufacturing, as a PPE resource during a global pandemic.


Solution - Launch a start up in the midst of a pandemic (crazy, right?). The creation of One & Done Mask, and supportive digital marketing platforms introducing a new flat rolled protective mask that adheres to the face using a med grade soft gel adhesive, alleviating the need for straps, ties and elastic bands needed to keep a face mask in place.

Outcome - A multi faceted digital marketing campaign that, together with traditional tactics, garnered over 1.4 million unit sales gaining national print and digital media attention, recognition from White House leadership for delivering crucially needed PPE and a proclamation from Congress recognizing contribution to the national pandemic PPE need.

Congressional Proclamation

White House Recognition, Rally Appearance

Client speech begins at the 40:10 mark.

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Social Media Messaging



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Challenge - Create an all new brand that encompasses live music, craft beer and vinyl record collecting. 
Solution - Launch of CRAFT & VINYL, a retail/ digital brand that converges the love of live music, craft beer and vinyl record collecting all under one roof.

Outcome - A one of a kind brand concept that gained exceptional market break through, earned double "ALIVE Best of Columbus" nominations along side multi-million dollar hospitality brands and built region wide recognition offering a cool stage for up coming musicians. Experience Columbus named CRAFT & VINYL as the city's most unique destination to consume all things musical! A brand built from the ground up.

You Belong Here

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Revived 90 Year Old Retail Storefront 


Beautiful, New Loft Like Environment

In Store Image.jpg

Craft Beer & Vinyl Records - A New Vision

Digital PR Examples



Challenge - Gain national attention for Hellyeah's Band of Brothers album release and Jeremy Clements Racing through a dynamic, one of a kind social convergence of music and motorsports.


Solution - The creation and launch of FanPyre - a fan centric digital marketing initiative driven through social media interactions allowing both music and motorsport lovers to come together to earn music premium rewards and their name on a Hellyeah backed race car piloted by NASCAR driver, Jeremy Clements.

Outcome - A star-studded digital marketing campaign that engaged fans, drove incremental engagement and garnered earned media mentions culminating with a live NASCAR race on ESPN.

Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul Promotes the Campaign

FanPyre Hellyeah Design Mock (1).jpg

NASCAR Nationwide Series Design

Shot To #3 on US Hard Rock and US Rock Charts

Digital PR Examples

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